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What I Would Have Done Differently

I'm just coming off of a cold that hit me smack dab in the middle of Christmas festivities, which is why I've let the blog slide a bit. Looking back over 2012, it's been a tumultuous year packed with transition, relational upheaval, and as a result, more mistakes on my part than I'd like to admit. I'm being a bit vague because there are a few things I want to process through writing, but haven't found the right place to do so yet.

I am thankful for the sorts of people that God has surrounded me with, Grant, Myron, Gary, Gene, Joe, Shirley and Wilbur, Jim, and a host of others who have walked with me through some difficult processing, willing to listen carefully and respond gently, and of course my lovely wife Courtney who has (and is willing) to hear it more than anyone else. With all of you, we haven't always come out at the same place, but still left committed to each other and Christ.

I am also thankful for those who have shared their own hearts, whether it's on facebook, in the comments below, or in person. I've heard a lot of stories over the past few months that have both encouraged me and broke my heart. One of my goals, both personally and for this blog, has been to give people a safe place to share their heart. Though that hasn't happened on the blog itself as much as I'd like (which I know has a bit to do with my tone) I've received several emails from isolated souls, afraid to be themselves, afraid even to be comfortable in their own skin. If I can accomplish anything with my writing this next year it would be more of this.

If there were anything I could change about my writing this past year, it would be –as I mentioned before– the tone. Not that I would have downplayed the frustration, but I have failed to express clearly the hope I have for what God is doing with His people that I've seen expressed through a wide range of characters. I hope to be more of a sower of hope this year. I want to be honest, and hope is honestly has a growing place in me.

One more sneak peak for this coming year. I'm bringing a good friend and artist Debbie Sommers on board to beautify and compliment the posts. I've had a building conviction that the artistic, the poetic, is not simply a cherry on top of our journey to know God, but a vital part of it, like salt, pulling out the flavors of who He is.

I'll be taking off the last few days of this year to focus on some other projects I want to launch by the new year. I'd also like to make some headway on some 'other' writing I've been doing.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this year, I hope it has been worth your while.